Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i Got a new roomate

Today is 5.8.09, Wednesday,raining day

This morning, like usual, when i walked along the corridor,i saw so many people were gathering there. I knew most of the people were juniors.But, i just pretended not to see them and continued to walk and talked with my coursemate.
8 o'clock was the Dr Lee's period, i needed to rush to class before he entered. If i was late, definitely i would scolded by him. Then i moved faster. In a sudden, i heard someone who was calling my name. "Senior JY!'. I stopped there and saw.
Oh, she is a BC junior. She told me that she would become my new roomate. At that moments, i get shocked. First thing was I had used her place as my storeroom (hahaha). Second, i did not want to have roomate right now because of some incidents had happened before that made me really scared. Third thing was the hostel officer told me that i would not have roomates in this semester(why i was so stupid to trust him...)
By smilling, i said nice to meet you and asked her when she would move in to my room. In less than 2 minutes, we finished our conversation and i rushed to my class too.
Hopefully, God send me a right and good roomate but not like the one before. So horrible!!!Hope to make good friend with her in the rest of semesters.
But now, i also want to thank God for giving me a room partner to accompany me. I appreciate too.
Therefore, my conclusion is I am happy to get a NEW roomates. ^.^


Ninthchordshow said...

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it say it will correting the blog article~ i dont know tis is true or not,but you can try^^

Ninthchordshow said...

Got a good new roomate is a good new ^^ congraz^^

Queensland said...

Thanx my dear best friend^^
ya,i had viewed it,quite nice to learn it....
i will try it and share with you later,hope to know your news too^^