Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i Got a new roomate

Today is 5.8.09, Wednesday,raining day

This morning, like usual, when i walked along the corridor,i saw so many people were gathering there. I knew most of the people were juniors.But, i just pretended not to see them and continued to walk and talked with my coursemate.
8 o'clock was the Dr Lee's period, i needed to rush to class before he entered. If i was late, definitely i would scolded by him. Then i moved faster. In a sudden, i heard someone who was calling my name. "Senior JY!'. I stopped there and saw.
Oh, she is a BC junior. She told me that she would become my new roomate. At that moments, i get shocked. First thing was I had used her place as my storeroom (hahaha). Second, i did not want to have roomate right now because of some incidents had happened before that made me really scared. Third thing was the hostel officer told me that i would not have roomates in this semester(why i was so stupid to trust him...)
By smilling, i said nice to meet you and asked her when she would move in to my room. In less than 2 minutes, we finished our conversation and i rushed to my class too.
Hopefully, God send me a right and good roomate but not like the one before. So horrible!!!Hope to make good friend with her in the rest of semesters.
But now, i also want to thank God for giving me a room partner to accompany me. I appreciate too.
Therefore, my conclusion is I am happy to get a NEW roomates. ^.^

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just One paper 1 little of tears

haha...26th of May is Maths II paper

i know it is tough and difficult

but i dont know why i dont have the mood to study...

May be i avoid it obviously to do practices...hehe

Anyway do ur best!!! I will

Just know i had watched the Japanese drama "One Litter Of Tears"

ya!ya!ya! It is a great drama! i like it so so much

I strongly recommend u to watch this drama...

and do remember to put aside a box of tissue because

u will cry over and over at every sad and touching...huhu

After i watched it, i did appreciate the grace of God tat had given to me

The story gave me with a little more courage to face another day

and a little warmth in my heart.

" Life is what you can make of it. Treasure it " from Kioku Fansubs

Monday, April 6, 2009

Best Friend At IPSAH

I believe that

many people will walk in

and out of your life

but the special one will leave footprints in your

heart, mind, and soul too.

Similarly, they are very special to me

They are multi races friends that i have had like Malay and Indian.

Thanks GOD for giving me such a wonderful friendship.

To all of you are there for me through

the good or bad times.

I love you all too.

My best Friend, My true friend

This is my best friend, Hwei Mien.

To talk about old times

we played together like we were twins

Do remember our sweet memories

You've seen me at my best

You've seen me at my worst too

You've listened to my troubles

And helped me without blaming

Thanks for being my best friend.

This is my best friend, Keat Yat

She is a very nice girl

she did a lot of touching thing for me

I wish you know i miss you

I wish you know how much i care

I have wished that you were always happy.
Keep your dreams in front of you and never give up
I will be there, cheering for you.

Thanks for being my best friend.

Best Friend

I have many friends.
Friends are always there for you,
I am here for my best friend.
When you need my opinion,
I use my ability to discuss with you.
When you need me solving problem,
I am glad that you are willing to tell me and
let us hand in hand to curb every obstacle.
When you feel like giving up for something,
I will help you go through its hard,tough or painful.
I try my best to make you laugh
I want you to know how much you mean to me.
Happiness is what I want for you
No matter we are now at a long long distance
Our heart still tie up together
We are still best friends forever.
by jia yi

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miss My Family very much~~

In front: Mom, xian
At back: yi, ting, shan
Dear Mom, we love you so much!!!

In front: yi, dad, ting,xian,and shan
Dear dad, we love you 4ever!

This picture was taken at Pizaa Hut during last school holidays 2008.

There Is So Much Learn

Every day, when i receive my father's call, the first question that he will ask me is "What did you learn today?". Sometimes i cant answer this question. May i say "nothing"? If i say yes today i had learned nothing, i will feel very guilty because a single day of my life i am no learning anything.
My Father is a great hardworking father. He used to tell me that he never stop working even a single day. The concept of doing nothing was never a part of his life, same with my mom too. For them, to ensure their children never fell into the trap of complacency, they insisted that we must learn at least one new thing each day.
As we are young children, we less thought about how we were being improved or enriched and we could not care much about our future.
In retrospect, after studying abroad, I learned how other people learn, and now I realised that what my father was offering me, reinforcing the value of continued learning. Without being aware of it, all my family were growing together by sharing their experience. My parents were giving us a sense of dignity, listening to us, hearing us, respecting our opinion, affirming our values too. They were very good successful educator to me and my sisters too.Their teaching worked had served me well all my life.
I just want to say," How long we lived is limited, but learn a new thing every day is crucial for me, what i learn is what i am, nobody can take away from me!" I do to remind myself everyday. Keep going on everybody!!!